How to get the verified badge on QRnet

What does the verified badge mean?

Accounts with a verified badge have been authenticated by QRnet, using trustworthy documentation. Information about individuals and organizations on these accounts has been confirmed by QRnet to be accurate.

Users must meet our eligibility criteria below to receive the verified badge.

Eligibility criteria for the verified badge

Only accounts that have a verified organizational business profile are eligible to receive the verified badge.

Our team uses eligibility criteria when the verified badge is given to ensure we maintain the integrity of the platform. To qualify for the Verified Badge, you can follow the instructions below to set up and verify your organizational business profile:

  • How to set up an Organizational Business Profile?
    • You can request to join already verified organizations on the QRnet system.
    • You can create a new organization and then request verification for your business profile.
  • How to verify your Organizational Business Profile?
    • If joining an existing organization, your business profile will be verified after acceptance by the Administrator of that organization.
    • If you have created a new organization, select "Contact us" below your unverified business profile to request verification from QRnet. We will reach out to you within 5-7 working days to assist in verifying your organization.

The verified badge will appear once our team reviews your account and if it meets our requirements.

Loss of the verified badge

In accordance with the Terms of Service, QRnet may remove the verified badge of an account at any time without notice.