Professional connections and interactions

QRNet is a platform for professional networking. We provide space to enable professionals manage and connect with their business community in a productive and efficient way. To maintain this professionalism, users should be courteous when sharing content on QRNet. Do not post content or have conversations with others in a way that’s inappropriate, disrespectful and unprofessional.

You are responsible for using the Service in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as this Policy.

1. No hateful content

  • We don’t allow contents that is deemed hateful.
  • Individuals or groups that participate in or endorse violence, vandalism, or organized criminal activity are prohibited from using QRNet.

Learn more about our hateful content policies.

2. No suggestive remarks or unwanted advances of a sexual nature

  • Unwanted expression of attraction, desire, romantic requests, marriage proposals, sexual advances, or make lewd remarks is strictly prohibited.

Learn more about our Sexually suggestive remarks and unwanted advances

3. No violent or graphic content

  • We strictly prohibit the sharing of excessively gruesome content.
  • Sharing of material depicting nudity or sexual activity is also prohibited.

Learn more about our violent and graphic content policies and our nudity and adult content policies.

4. No scams or other deceptive or fraudulent practices

  • Do not use QRNet to facilitate scams.
  • Phishing attempts, sharing of malicious software or any activity which endangers our users, platform or service is prohibited.
  • Do not share false or misleading content.

Learn more about our scams and fraud content policies.

5. No spams

  • We do not allow unsolicited, irrelevant, unauthorized, or excessively repetitive messages or content.

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1. Hateful content policies

  • We define hateful content or hate speech as direct attacks against people based on race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, origin, disabiity, caste, sexual orientation, religious affilation, gender identity or disability staus.
  • We consider an attack to be any content which dehumanizes, denigrates, discriminates, incites or threatens heatred or violence. We prohibit the use of harmful stereotypes and slurs (such as racial slurs).

2. Violent or graphic content

  • We remove content which is gruesome, shocking or depicts extreme violence.
  • This includes content depecting bodily injury, sexual or physical violence, promoting suicide, self-injury, exploitation of children, sexual activity, or criminal activity.
  • Examples of violent and graphic content:
    • Depictions of mutilated and/or deceased persons or body parts (including scenes of crimes or accidents).
    • Blood, gore, and human or animal fluids or waste
    • Depictions of animal cruelty
    • Realistic depictions of severe physical violence against a human being, including such as beating, extreme brutality
  • In cases where violent or graphic content is shared in connection with a newsworthy event, such as natural disaster event, we may label such content instead of removing it.
  • Please report any concerning behavior or content immediately using our reporting tools.

3. Nudity and adult content

  • We remove content containing nudity or sexual activity.
  • We also don’t allow content that depicts, describes, or facilitates access to sexually gratifying material. Instances of adult nudity that align with topics relevant to professional conversations may be allowed when it is absolutely necessary.
  • Examples of nudity and adult content:
    • Sexually gratifying content, including pornography, simulated sex acts, erotic literature, and other graphic depictions of sex acts.
    • Implied sex acts are activities that indicated by inference, association, or consequence rather than by direct depiction.
    • Full adult nudity or exposure of intimate parts.

4. Scam and fraudulent practices

  • We don’t allow content intended to scam, defraud, deceive or mislead others.
  • We remove phishing links, malware, known or suspected scam content, and fraudulent content and permanently restrict the accounts of known fraudsters or scammers from posting or having conversations on QRNet.
  • Examples of scams and fraud:
    • Cash gifting schemes, including Pyramid or Ponzi schemes.
    • Advance payment scams.
    • Romance scams.
    • Individual requests for payment, loans, and financial details, through public content or private messaging, made on false or misleading premises with the intent to defraud.
    • Fake profiles or entities with misleading or deceptive information about yourself, your business, your qualifications, work experience, affiliations, or achievements.
    • Using the image of someone else as your profile photo.
    • Associating yourself with a business or organization that you are actually professfionally not associated with.
    • Misleading or inaccurate information.

5. Spam

  • The quality of conversations on QRNet depends on healthy, pertinent content. In order to uphold this standard, we may limit distribution or remove entirely any content content designed to artificially increase engagement through misuse or misrepresentation of QRNet features.
  • Examples of spam:
    • Excessive, irrelevant, or repetitive posts, comments or messages.

6. Sexually suggestive remarks and unwanted advances

  • QRNet aims to enhance your business network through professional connections, without tolerating any form of sexual harassment or unwanted advances. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards content that expresses physical or sexual attraction towards others, solicits a romantic relationship, or contains sexually suggestive or explicit material. Such content will be promptly removed.
  • QRNet is not a dating site, and it should not be used for pursuing romantic connections or requesting romantic dates. It is unacceptable to make sexual commentary on someone's appearance or perceived attractiveness. Sending unwanted advances, sexually explicit images, or engaging in inappropriate behavior through messages conversations or posts on QRNet is strictly prohibited.
  • Examples of sexualy suggestive remarks and unwanted advances:
    • Content that expresses an interest in pursuing romantic or sexual relationships, romantic connections, unwelcomed requests for dating, engagement, or marriage.
    • Unsolicited praise or admiration directed at another member’s physical appearance including beauty, face, body, or sexuality.
    • Posting or sharing jokes, memes, emojis, or symbols with overt sexual connotations or otherwise commonly associated with sex acts or private parts.
    • Posting or sharing sexually explicit media or language, including pornography, sexual cartoons, depictions of sex acts, or private parts.
    • Statements like “you are pretty,” “we should go romantic on a date,” “your eyes are sexy,” or any other unwanted advances of expressions of desire are likely to violate this policy.